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Social Security Disability Insurance Benefits

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Today’s question comes from a caller who became disabled and unable to work because of an injury and was concerned they would have to apply for social security disability.

Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) is not the same as welfare. It is not a government handout.

People pay into it.

When you lose your ability to earn a living because of an injury or illness, SSDI pays you a monthly benefit for the duration of the disability.

SSDI is funded by a federal payroll tax on every single working American’s paychecks — including you. You have been paying into this program your entire working life.

Obtaining SSDI benefits can be challenging.

Often initial applications are rejected. Maybe as many as 50% of initial applications are denied. Rejected applicants can file an appeal.  A high percentage of appeals also get rejected.

Application processing is slow.

According to the Social Security Administration, sometimes, as long as more than a year can elapse between an application and when a ruling is made.

If you qualify for benefits, an experienced attorney can assist you in appealing an application rejection.

A large number of applications get rejected because of simple mistakes. Filling out a form wrong, not attaching needed supporting medical opinion documents, or missing a filing deadline.

Where your application has already been rejected, an SSDI attorney can help.

Appealing is a complex process. Having help from an attorney who knows how to navigate the system can improve your odds of success.

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