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Consequences of Lying in Court

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Today’s question comes from a caller who would like to know the legal consequence of lying to a court, in a deposition under oath, or in any setting under oath.

Lying isn’t just a bad thing to do; it can have disastrous consequences on your case.

When a plaintiff brings a case in court, you are declaring as the plaintiff that the facts you are asserting in court are true and that you have a valid claim.  If you’re lying about that claim, your case can be dismissed. A plaintiff who lies can have their case thrown out of court.

If a defendant is lying, they can also be penalized.  They may, by default, be declared the loser in the case, or they may have specific issues foreclosed in their lawsuit.

For example, suppose a defendant asserts a defense that they are not at fault. If the defendant is caught lying, the court, as a penalty, can bar the defendant from presenting evidence. Thus, the defendant will lose by default.

A lying witness, whether a plaintiff, defendant, or just a third party witness, can be penalized criminally.  The penalty might be a fine. Or, they can be jailed if they have lied to a court of law.

Perjury is making false, material statements of fact under oath.  Perjury constitutes a level six felony. A person convicted of perjury may be imprisoned for up to a year.  Penalties also can include a fine as high as $10,000. Some cases may justify a fine and imprisonment.

Thus, there are real consequences to lying for the plaintiff, the defendant, or witness engaged in lying.

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